Reflection: School and After School; Corona-virus Lock down Lessons.

School is a place where you get disciplined unnecessarily but never get the needed Knowledge to take control of the storm in your life. It only adds less than 40% value to your life. What we Learn and engage in outside School Contributes to More than 60% of what we are.

In case, you’re worrying you are not in school learning or doing your business and Projects now or Probably parents worrying about their children not learning, wait! I think they are missing it. After all, There are lots of digital platforms already provided where students can go and Learn. Why worry? It is up to us, either we face our challenges or it knocks us out. We should use this time as a reflective period on our lives, jobs, businesses, personality and General Self check to determine who we are and what we have become.

What we learn outsides school is the most decider of our fate in this life we live.

image: Chance and Change

Stop complaining, if you’re are unemployed, try doing something different, Undergraduate learn something that’s not taught in school, Parents: let your children help out in house chores and teach them what the teachers won’t teach them. Teach them about Love, integrity, patience, peace attitude and Character. They are the major determinant to who we are and what we will become.

Also, share family love together, know each other well, learn communication and help each other in all ramifications you can.

If you believe in God and know God is God, tell People about him and his goodness if they wish to listen, the Salvation and his glory. Spread the good news also. #church #mosque

However, I am not saying School is not necessary but we can leverage and make good use of it while remembering what matters in life.

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Skills and Education can get you Job or position but Personality/Character can only keep it.

Kenneth Chider Eze


Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.